“From the first sketch to a drop of blood spilled on the surface, the idea is what drives it all when striving to make it perfect. Every piece is sculpted with passion, carved with attention to detail.

The Collections

The collections are divided based on the environments they resemble. The Aquatic Life collection is influenced by marine life, the creatures of the deep and the amazing sea fauna. The Secret Garden collection is embodied by organic shapes, fantasy flowers and animals, while the Pure Crystal Collection shows a more minimalist and geometric side of my design while keeping it raw and spontaneous.

Style & Quality

Classic design with a contemporary twist.

Playfully exploring the textures and shapes of nature and bringing them to life with different jewellery techniques such as wax carving forging, enameling, repousse and chasing.

Each piece is carefully crafted, made to last and to be passed from one generation to another.


The Artist

Ursula Rihtar is a Slovenian based jewellery designer and goldsmith. Her aim is to create timeless piecess of jewellery which reflect the beauty and the wildness of nature. Her love for the process and an eye for the texture is what drives her to make striking pieces of jewellery that look and feel like they are a product of nature.